Alpha401k is thrilled to announce our new pricing and plan options

Better Technology

Lower Costs

More Investment Options

Co-Fiduciary Support


Why be confined to 20-30 investment choices? Don’t! With Alpha401k (upon utilization of our TPA) we can offer participants 10,000+ investment choices with over 300+ commission free mutual funds and ETF’s.

Why be forced to use antiquated websites? Don’t! Alpha401k partners with TD Ameritrade to offer all participants a simple login direct with TD Ameritrade. No longer do participants have to deal with an old out of data website.

Why be forced to pay over 1% for fees? Don’t! Did you know that the average 401(k) fees are well over 1.50% with many in the 2%+ range. These high fees are devastating for the long term performance of participants accounts. Higher fees also put greater scrutiny on your firm, as the DOL and lawyers continue to seek out Plan Sponsors who have breached their fiduciary responsibilities. Yes, small to large businesses have lost many lawsuits, and paid dearly financially for this very reason.

Why deal with all the Fiduciary obligations on your own? Don’t! Alpha401k plans are paired with a Fiduciary Adviser who works along side you as a business owner or plan administrator by helping reduce your compliance burden. We work together to help make sure the plan is compliant and stays that way.

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