Stop Making 401(k) Contributions — Fill Up Your HSA First

With health care open enrollment season approaching, individuals electing a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) will soon have an opportunity to decide how much to contribute to their Health Savings Account (HSA) for next year. My advice? Contribute as much as you possibly […]

5 Quick Facts About Millennials’ Retirement Savings

The rap on the millennial generation is they are an island: They don’t save and they don’t talk to advisors. Guideline 401(k), a 401(k) plan provider, did a study on 5,400 millennial plan participants and found something a lot different. […]

401(k) Participants Regret Splurging on Clothes, Cars: Schwab

American workers are generally optimistic about retirement, but given another chance many would make different spending decisions on short-term pleasures, according to a survey released Monday by Schwab Retirement Plan Services. Survey respondents understood their 401(k)’s value and the importance of saving […]

IRS Allows 401(k) Match for Student Loan Repayments

A new IRS ruling approves an employer’s plan to help workers save for retirement while paying off student loans. For example: The student makes a minimum 2% payment to their student loans, and the employer will then match that with […]

Six Steps to Creating An Effective Continuity Plan

The single, biggest threat to an independent advisory practice is not the lack of a succession or exit plan, it is the lack of a plan to protect client interests and business value in the event of an owner’s sudden death or […]

What Financially Stressed 401k Participants Really Cost Employers

Studies show employers who offer wellness benefits to employees see an increase in efficiency in the workplace, in addition to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction. More than 50 percent of people indicate that they are stressed about their finances and slightly less spend […]

Is It O.K. to Use My 401(k) for Emergencies?

You never know when a financial emergency might strike. Your car might break down. Your roof might spring a leak. And then there’s the possibility of losing your job and having your income disappear overnight. If you’re in a financial crunch, you […]