DOL Wants Info On Fiduciary Delay (Seriously)

Many industry watchers saw it as (yet another) move to delay and/or possibly replace the controversial regulation before it’s January date for full implementation. The department diplomatically described the fiduciary RFI as an opportunity for the public “to provide data and information […]


Alpha401k is thrilled to announce our new pricing and plan options Better Technology Lower Costs More Investment Options Co-Fiduciary Support   Why be confined to 20-30 investment choices? Don’t! With Alpha401k (upon utilization of our TPA) we can offer participants […]

401(k) plan sponsors can’t ignore new fiduciary rule

The DOL may seem like it’s targeting service providers, but the true intent is to protect employee investors, and that means plan sponsors are on the hook, too It’s oh-so-easy to disregard. After all, with the implementation-without-enforcement “soft open,” and […]

The Fiduciary Rule Is Here

Give advice that is in the “best interest” of the retirement investor. This best interest standard has two chief components: prudence and loyalty; Under the prudence standard, the advice must meet a professional standard of care as specified in the […]

401(k) Plan Types – How To Choose?

At first glance choosing a 401(k) or similar retirement savings plan can seem overwhelming if not downright complex. However, the truth is it really is rather simple you just want to ask these few questions. Questions How much do I […]

Millennials Need More Investing Advice

  Millennials are much more likely to make risky investment decisions compared to other generations, according to a study by MassMutual Life Insurance Co. The firm finds these investors are inclined to make poor investment decisions by reacting to market […]