HOW WE OPERATE: Our Three Key Service Values


The HOW of our Business

Our three key values is a philosophy we use everyday and with every client interaction. As a tier on the Alpha Advantage Pyramid, the three key values are an answer to the fundamental question of HOW we operate Alpha401k.

OUR EXPERTISE: Alpha401k specializes with small businesses who seek to provide a robust plan to their employees at the lowest fee, while being fiduciary compliant with the Department of Labor. The Gold Standard in the Financial Planning Profession, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is a designation held by each Adviser at Alpha401k.

OUR OBJECTIVITY: As independent Co-Fiduciary Advisers, Alpha401k brings you the insights and objectivity to navigate, evaluate and implement a company retirement plan, which is in the best interest of your company and its participants. Unlike the typical 401(k) Adviser which is beholden to their employer or affiliate to recommend proprietary investment products (often riddled with high fees), Alpha401k’s only responsibility is to you, the Plan Sponsor and 401(k) participants. Specifically, the investment choices we recommend are selected from the entire universe of mutual funds and are non-proprietary.  Further, we select the lowest expense share class of each fund, which translates into better results for plan participants.

OUR PROACTIVITY: Our goal is to provide one-on-one specific investment advice to each participant and an annual seminar teaching participants various relevant financial related topics. We look beyond routine investment advice, and seek to provide participants timely market insights and recommendations.